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We offer a wide range of courses for the people of all the age ranges. The courses offered here will help you explore new things, learn skills and grow in your life.


Our Course Offerings

Life Skill Courses

Life skills will help people in many ways,

  • Helps people to choose to work on their passion
  • Helps to find out new ways of making their living and gets you out of 9 to 5 rat race
  • Helps to be self-sufficient without depending on anyone else
  • Build confidence to handle life effortlessly in all kinds of situations
  • Helps you to create a business around your passion 

Internship Program

Why you should take this program?

  • You’ll be ready with your own Digital Marketing Profile
  • You’ll have 3 month’s work experience which increases your chance of getting hired
  • You can start making money while you are still learning
  • You’ll get an opportunity to become a partner member of the company
  • You can start creating passive income from your digital assets 


Who Can Take These Courses?


Your first step will decide your journey in your career. If you are a student who is willing to get better clarity about selecting the right career then this course is for you.

House wife

If you are a housewife with high self esteem and thinking of converting your passion into career or wish to know which field or what kind of work from home job suits you then this course is for you.

Working Professional

If you got fed up with your 9 to 5 job and willing to get out of this rat race or you are someone who is not able to understand which career line is made for you, then this course is for you.


Mode of Interaction


Live meetings


Doubt clearing sessions


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Recorded videos


Online mastermind meetups


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What Our Students Say

I am housewife, I want to share a quick note on my experience of this CBF course that I have attended. It’s the best course for all, especially for the beginners’ building career. My experience was great as each topic was covered well with realistic examples. Coach explanation and narration is very easy to understand. it helped to understand my core values, my potential and especially helped me to come over from confusion of taking decisions. I recommend this course for everyone who wants to accomplish their dream.
Thank you for framing the best course.
All the best


House wife

Before joining this course I was totally under confidant and was having a lot of confusion about how should I make my life better. Moreover, I was not knowing about my core values, after joining this course I found my core values. It made me take a correct decision in my life. This course has helped me a lot in giving me clarity about my future and how should I convert my talent into an online business. The coach is really supportive and was always available to address my queries. Helped me overcome my hurdles.


HR Executive

I want to thank Vireesh for creating such a motivational and decision making course. I have completed this CBF course, I have a good experience and the change I noticed in myself is that I took action on what I wanted to do also helped to clear my confusion.
Each class has the best examples and the coach explained well on each slide. And it includes very interesting self-realization tests and so on.
It is beneficial for the student, beginners in career, homemakers or anyone who wants to use their talent in career path. This course has the potential to change anyone’s life because it helps to take an action not just plan.
So definitely I want to recommend my friends who can take the benefit…
Thank you Vireesh, and wish you all the best…


House wife

Career Break Through Formula:- It is the formula that will bring focus in your life, helps you to set your career goals.
This course has helped me find out my true passion based on my core values. It made me fearless by removing my mental blockages and prepared me mentally for my goal. The examples given in the courses are very apt, relevant and very encouraging. Now I know the value of a coach in one’s life.
I Recommend everyone to take this formula and get the best clarity of your life. It’s more than a worth course I have ever attended. If you miss going through it then you are losing big time.
I would like to thank VIREESH BASAVARAJ for being such a supportive coach and for the constant guidance and encouragement throughout the course.




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