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When I was a student neither I had a clarity on where I want to go in my life nor I gave it a thought, like 98% of the people in the world I too followed the crowd some time and ended up choosing wrong career paths for my self. I am glad that you have that thought right now and you are willing to choose the right career path for yourself. This is the right approach to achieve big in life.

This piece of content will help you,

  1. To understand the right way of choosing the right career for you,
  2. Factors to be considered while choosing your carrer,
  3.  Choose the right fit for you.

The right way to choose the right carrer path

Ask a question to your self

The very first step is to ask yourself “What you want to achieve in life?”, “What you want to be known for?”, “How you want people to remember you when you leave this world?”.

Just imagine for a second, if I erase all your memory and you don’t know who you are and if I leave you in a crowded airport or a bust stand with some money to spend, where do you think you’ll go?, which flight or a bus you would take?

Difficult choice right?

In such a situation you may ask some people around you about which is the best place to go or where should I go or blindly you may follow the biggest crowd assuming that they might be going to the right, safe and happening place.

You might not even think whether they are in that crowd by choice or by chance, they are there because of their concious decision or someone else have influenced them to be there, they took a decision to be there based on their long term goal or temporary attractions.

Don’t make your choice just because already so many people are there in the filed you are attracted to, many people have made fortune in that filed or that’s a safe place to be in.

What you are good at and what you like to do?

Think of the work which you usually do effortlessly. Think of the work by doing what your time just flies, think of the hobby which you never got bored of.

The only way to achieve something big in life is to keep doing what you enjoy doing.

For an example if you enjoy running then you need no motivation to run, you need no push from others to make you run, you need no alarm to wake you up to start your day with running. I have an inspiring friends by name Sapna Agarwal and Kirthana Shinde who are ultra marathon runners and they run around 35kms to 40kms in one go very easily every single time they want to hit that mile stone.

For an ordinary people like me it looks WOW!!! But they say we are even more ordinary than you people. They seem extrordinary to others just because they found their passion in that and they are enjoying what they are doing. Since they are enjoying what they are doing they are doing it again and agin and agin and agin, thats why they became really good at it. Not only good but they became the best in that. They became an inspiration to many of us. Click on their names to check out their interviews, hope you also get some inspiration.

So the most important thing you need to do is identify that one thing that you enjoy doing most. You need not have to worry about how good you are in that work, you need not think about what are the facilities available with you to pursue your career in that field, you need not have to think about your financial strength for now. Just identify it, if you could do this then you have done the most difficult task out of the entire process of choosing the right career.

Once you identify what you enjoy doing keep doing it irrespective of how good you are in that. The more you do it the more you become better at it and you start feeling good about yourself. Our mind always insists us to do something with what we feel more comfortable doing it.

Even a fool can hit a BULL’S EYE if he practice it daily.


What are your top values systems in life?

isrEvery human being has acquired certain value systems from different sources in their life. From the parents, siblings, neighbours, circumstances, past experiences and many other factors might contribute for one’s value system in life.

Out of more than 250 value systems you need to shortlist top 5 or 6 value systems without which you cannot be happy in life.

Once you identify those value systems then you need to explore which career fields can satisfy your top value systems. For example, if your top 5 value systems are 1. Service 2. Honour 3. Contribution 4. Patriotism & 5, Dignity. Then army, airforce, navy, medical, could be the right career choice for you as these fields can satisfy all of your top value systems.

Knowingly or unknowingly people don’t consider this parameter while choosing their career. People who are already in job also don’t think of it while switching the job. They only look at the hike they are getting and the reputation of the company they want to join. These criterias will not help them be happy in their next job also.


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