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About Me

If there is total clarity, there is no need for courage, because clarity will carry you across..

About US

About Me

After spending 12 years in Sales and Business Development, I soon realized that I was not happy in my Corporate career and found my true calling in Coaching.  This journey started by introspecting my own life and identifying the purpose, priorities, commitments and slowly I started getting more clarity, slowly but surely. This thought became a conviction when I started experiencing immense joy and happiness while contributing to make a positive difference in the lives of many people. That’s when I took the courageous step of quitting my Corporate career to become a Career Breakthrough expert, a Relationship Coach and a Digital Coach on a full-time basis. Was it an easy decision? No at all. Especially when you are the sole bread winner of your family with dependents trusting you for financial support. I was fortunate to get my family’s support and my own burning desire to coach helped me make things happen the way I wished. That’s how I became a Career Coach, always willing to help people discover their career of choice and reboot it successfully.

I have been successful in running multiple projects at the same time. Apart from being a Career coach, I am a Relationship Coach where I help people get better understanding of their differences with their partner and the ways to sort out them. I am successfully running my Digital marketing agency Rediso.tech where I help businesses establish their online presence and grow manifold. We also provide internship opportunities to people interested in learning digital marketing, so that they can establish themselves as Digital Marketers. You can also watch my videos for more information on different career options on my youtube channel.

My Mission

My mission is to help 1 million people get clarity about their career and relationship and step towards the brighter future.

My Vision

My vision is to become one of the top 10 career and relationship coaches in the world. Contribute in creating healthier, wealthier and purposeful society in the world. My systematic, scientific and proven coaching process has delivered the results every single time irrespective of age, gender and background of my coachees.

Some Memorable Moments

Be More To Get More

Investing on self has given me the best returns than anything else in my life