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Career Coaching

Are you  a student?

With so many choices, heightened competition, and uncertainty around what career is right for both personal and professional growth, it’s easy for students to feel overwhelmed. Not to worry, VISIONARY YOU is here to help.

The only way to achieve greater success in life is to keep doing what you love doing. When you choose a profession that satisfies your passion and core values, you need no external motivation to work hard. At VISIONARY YOU, I help you make the right career choice which you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Are you a working professional??

Are you unhappy with your current work, despite being the best at what you do? Do you feel you are capable of achieving something greater? Are you failing to strike the perfect work-life balance? If you’re facing any of these issues currently, VISIONARY YOU is your answer.  I believe in emphasising on your unique strengths, explore what has been holding you back, ignite your potential and empower you to discover your passion. As your coach, I will give you the tools and strategies to move forward in your career or find your dream job.


Take charge of your prosperity!

Relationship Coaching

If you are in relationship..

The key to a successful relationship is to have a clear understanding of what each other wants. When you fail to understand each other’s core values, that’s when the differences occur.

 I can help you focus on identifying and understanding what your partner values most in their life which can facilitate to build a strong bonding and have content and committed future.

If you are single..

Finding the right partner is possible only when you know yourself completely. The VISIONARY YOU program helps you to identify and understand your core values and find a person who can align with your values. This is your key to having a successful and healthy relationship.


Take charge of your healthy relationship!

Corporate Relationship Management

Creating a positive work environment and maintaining positive employee relationships is important for many reasons. Organizations that have positive employee relations are more likely to have engaged and productive employees. At VISIONARY YOU, I work on interpersonal corporate relationship management that focuses on better team handling and maintaining positive employee and employer relation.

Visionary You Program Approach


Know Yourself

Know Yourself

Self Discovery Activity

Discover your core values in life as they play a major role in understanding why you do what you do and how you do.

Belief System

Belief System

Changing the way you think

Understand how your belief system has been built based on the influencing factors and identifying the ways to restructure your belief system.

Defined Outcome

Defined Outcome

Achievable Small Steps

Define your goal statement, breakdown them into achievable outcomes & organize systematically.

Unleash You

Unleash You

Your Full Potential

Know your fun moments, crazy dreams, mastermind, add more fun to life to make if joyful and encouraging.

Success Blueprint

Success Blueprint

Success path

Get ready with you success blueprint. You are ready for the new journey of your life.

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If you are a parent or a student or a working professional and wish to explore different career fields either for yourself or for your loved ones then click below to explore my resource library.

Online Courses

Online courses published in my school LERNERZONE will allow you to get better at life skills which enhances your confidance to face life with full clarity and win over compitation.

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